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To watch YouTube on your mobile device, go to and sign in using the Google account. You can activate a Google account if you don’t already have one. After you sign in, you will see a list with eligible devices to view YouTube TV. Follow the instructions on screen to activate the device.


Go to and open in your browser. The next step after you have received your code is to enter it into your TV. This can be done by selecting Activate device from the main menu. You will be asked to enter your activation code. Your YouTube TV will be ready in no time.


  • Sign in to get the YouTube TV code.
  • To open the menu, click on the triangle-shaped three lines at the left side of the page.
  • Click on “My Channels”.
  • Click on “Promote Channel” under “My Channels”.
  • Enter the channel promotion code you received when you subscribed YouTube TV in the “Channel Promotion Code” field.


The first thing you’ll need to do is sign in or create a Google account on You can sign in using your existing Gmail account. You can also create a Gmail account by clicking the “Create Account” button and following the steps.

After logging in, click the “Activate YouTube TV” button. Next, you’ll be asked to enter your address and cable provider information. After that, click the “Continue” button to wait for YouTube TV activation.

YouTube TV can take up 24 hours to activate. Don’t be discouraged if it does not work immediately.


First, open the YouTube TV App to activate YouTube TV on Roku. You can download it from the Roku Channel Shop if you don’t already have it installed.

To open the settings menu, click the gear icon at the top-right of the app. Select “Sign in” and then “Activate device.” This will open the settings menu.

Follow the steps to activate your device. Now you should be able to view YouTube TV on your Roku.


Many people don’t know that their Samsung TV can be used to activate YouTube TV. It is very easy and takes only a few moments.

First, ensure that your Samsung TV has an internet connection. Open the YouTube app, and then select the three lines at the top left. Select “TV shows and movies” from the menu. You will then be able to activate your device. Using browser visit Visit on your device.
Enter the Code. Follow the instructions and select this code.

After activating YouTube TV on your Samsung TV you can view live TV as well as your favorite movies and shows. You can also record TV live and save it for later.


These are the steps you need to take to activate YouTube TV if you own an Apple TV

  • Open YouTube on your Apple TV.
  • Click the menu button at the top left.
  • Choose “Settings”.
  • Click “Sign in”
  • For YouTube TV, enter your username and password.
  • Select ” to Activate Device
  • Visit in your browser.
  • Enter the Code

YouTube TV may be an option for people who want to cut the cord. 

Tv offers many live and on-demand channels, which you can access without paying extra for satellite or cable TV. 

YouTube TV allows you to view content offline, so you can watch your favorite shows even if you aren’t connected to the internet.

Compatible Devices for tv. YouTube tv/start

There are some smart devices that can be used with enter codes. You can find most of these devices in the following list:

  • Smart TV: Android TV. Vizio, LG, Vizio. Samsung TV. Hisense. Sony TV.
  • Gaming consoles: PS4, Play Station, PS4 Pro.
  • Mobile accessories and devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones, Android 5.0 and greater; IOS 11 and higher.
  • Top Streaming Media Players: Fire TV, Apple TV, Chrome Cast, Roku, etc..,

The Code to Watch YouTube Without Wi-Fi

Follow the steps below for the correct code that corresponds to your smart phone.

  • Choose the device you want to access the media (Phone or Tablet, TV, Tablet, TV, Laptop).
  • Instantly, Open YouTube App for your smart phone.
  • Choose the “Settings” option.
  • Scroll down to find a TV code.
  • Your Smart device will now display a blue TV code.
  • Now arrange your device to verify that the task has been completed to enter the code.

Enter the code – TV. YouTube tv/start Enter code

Follow the steps below to enter your correct code for your device.

  • You can choose the device (Tablet or TV, Laptop, Smartphone, etc.) where you want to find the media.
  • Now, open YouTube App on your smart phone.
  • Go to your profile picture and choose it. You can choose from a variety of settings to display it.
  • You can instantly open settings
  • Select “Watch on TV”;.
  • Select ‘Enter TV Code’. This will open a blank area.

Services Offers of Enter code

YouTube provides several services that answer to due to their users who communicate with YouTube via their TVs. These services include Cloud DVR, On-demand videos, and Live TV shows. It works with eighty-five different reputable networks.

Troubleshooting Obstacles Individuals Are Facing at Enter code

YouTube Enter Code Activation can cause many problems. The best part about this is that you can always follow up to resolve all your problems and receive full maintenance for your service. People face many problems, including:

  • Bad Internet connection
  • Many users have access to
  • Linking smart TV to the code
  • The code for unlinking tablet and smart phone
  • Log-In verification is required
  • The channel prices are dropping.
  • Geo-Locked on the local channels
  • YouTube TV is not responding and YouTube TV is down.
  • Problems in Computing Network to Your YouTube TV Membership
  • Troubleshooting Login to Enter code Verify activation
  • YouTube and TV are incompatible

Let’s take a look at these problems and their solutions.

Problem with Unlinking Smart TVs with the Code

Use the code to switch your Smart TV connected with YouTube. Follow these steps to unlink your smart device:

  • Start the YouTube App on your smart TV.
  • Navigate to the “settings” option.
  • There will be links that you can see. Pick the one that reads “Pick Linked Devices”.
  • You can switch the device you want to unlink. This happens if the project name is known. You can also unlink all of the devices at once.
Unlinking a Smart Phone or Tablet with Code is a challenge

With the help of the code, you can unlink your Smart Phone or Tablet. These steps will allow you to unlink your device.

  • Turn ON your smart TV, and then open the YouTube Application.
  • Simply go to your profile photo and select it.
  • Go to “Settings”
  • It now displays a list of options. Click on ‘Watch on TV’ to see the choices.
  • Select “Delete Devices” from the menu.
  • To unlink your tablet or phone, click on the ‘Delete” button.

Adding Network to Your YouTube TV Membership

After creating your YouTube TV login, there are some issues with configuring the methods for handling the networks below your membership plan. Take a look at the steps below.

  • Start YouTube by clicking on “Add Networks”.
  • It will display a list of active networks.
  • Each Network has a group that it can choose correspondingly on the right-hand side.
  • Enter the circle that corresponds to the main networks or any combination thereof.
  • This system can be followed even during the trial period.
  • Next, click the “Next” button.
  • The system will take you to the payment gateway. Here you can choose your payment method and then choose it.
  • Click the “Confirm” button.
  • Close the window to access YouTube on your TV.
Activation on Enter code Free Trial

You can also opt for the free trial offer and get the services of code. For the free trial offer, follow these steps:

  • First, start the browser and visit
  • You will now see a standard page, where you can click on “Try for Free”.
  • Select your Google Account now
  • Enter your account name, password and username.
  • Now add your area to the map and click on “Complete”.

If you do not wish to continue ahead, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Troubleshooting Login to Enter code Verify activation

If you have any difficulties with activating your account, please let us know. These steps will help you solve your problem.

  • First, open your device.
  • In your device, type
  • The page will be full-page and you’ll be asked to enter the code.
  • Enter the code from your device, then click the “Next” button.
  • This code is required to verify that your device is connected to It also allows you to activate your device’s services.
  • Click on the button “Activate”.
  • Finally, click the “Start” button to start streaming.

Sign-Up and Sign-In Problems

If you have any issues signing into YouTube TV using a brand-name account, an error will occur that states, “Sorry. You cannot sign-in to YouTube TV with this account.” This situation means that you cannot continue using the account you have. This means that you’ll need to change your story. For additional ways to use, enter the code below

  • You will find a link to modify your account just below the error message. Look for the “Switch Account” option.
  • Enter the Google account that corresponds to your YouTube TV subscription.
  • Users who were previously active on YouTube TV accounts will also need to re-enter data.
  • Now, go back to the sign-in process.
  • Your account will allow you to continue using it most likely. You can only do this if the data is incorrect.
  • Before presenting the data, double-check it.
  • If you are still unable to solve your problem, try another approach.
    • Go to
    • Move to the rightmost corner of your screen. Tap here to see your profile picture.
    • A small window will now open. Select the primary Google account.
    • You should link the account you choose with YouTube TV.
    • If you are unable to view the primary account name, then click the “More Accounts” option.
    • It is important not to choose the brand account that is communicating with the brand account page.
    • You can now resume the sign-in process.
    • Your account will be able to continue as usual. You can only change the information if you have the wrong information.
    • Before submitting the data, double-check it.

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