Enter Code Prime Video

  • Go to Amazon’s official site or enter this URL into your browser’s Search bar
  • Once you have logged in to the website, it will prompt you to sign in into your existing account.
  • If you don’t already have an account, click on add account and then create an account.
  • After logging into your account, it will prompt you to enter a 6 character Amazon registration code.
  • After entering an account code for registration, the device has been after entering your registration code, it is registered with Amazon.

Amazon Enter Code – Amazon Activate Device

Understand the entire procedure for activating Amazon Prime. To enable Amazon Prime Video on your television, simply follow the easy steps and visit There are three simple steps to getting Amazon Prime Video to work. What makes you think you’d want to enrol your compatible device at Simply go to the website and follow the instructions to complete the enrollment of your device, and you will be able to begin taking use of the Amazon Prime Instant Video service for free immediately. To enrol your device, you must enter the six-digit Amazon MY TV code that was provided to you through email.

The following devices are compatible with

The Amazon Prime Video App will operate effortlessly with the vast majority of smart devices that have any internet-connected capacity. You’ll need a reliable internet connection to connect to the streaming equipment, and then you’ll need to attach the Amazon MYTV to it using the official Amazon Prime Video website, which is located at, then enter the activation code that appears on the television screen to complete the purchase. In addition to Firesticks with the Amazon Prime programme already installed, Android TV, Roku TV, and Sony TV are also supported. A number of alternative options include VizoTV, Amazon FireTV, the X Box One and the Xbox 360 consoles, as well as Apple TV, among others.

On, how can I register a gadget that I have purchased?

  1. Select “Prime Video” from the list of apps in the app store of your Smart TV / Apple TV or other device and click “install.”
  2. Install the app on your television after you have downloaded it.
  3. To watch Amazon Prime Video, use the “Amazon Prime Video App” on your television.
  4. Now, on your television screen, select the Register option from the drop-down menu.
  5. You will now see a 6-digit Amazon activation number shown on the screen of your television.
  6. Access Amazon’s MyTV website with any web browser and input a code gateway to get started.
  7. Register with Amazon and input the “Amazon mytv activation code” in the appropriate field.
  8. Select “Register Device” from the drop-down menu.

The following are the steps to activate Amazon Prime at

  1. Activate the Amazon app on your television or other device.
  2. Select Register Device from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will be given a registration code of five digits.
  4. Enter in your web browser to get started.
  5. Enter the Amazon MyTV code that you received in the mail.

Amazon Prime has a number of perks.

  1. Download recordings to your computer so you may watch them later – from anywhere and at any time.
  2. Chromecast allows you to project content from your iPhone or iPad to a large screen.
  3. There is IMDb information about the animators, tunes, and random data identifiers that were used when it was recorded with recordings available at X-Ray.
  4. By downloading the different TV operating system programmes to your Apple TV, you may watch immediately on your television (requires Apple TV 3rd era or later).

What is the best way to watch Amazon Prime Video on a PC or a MAC?

Even if you have a computer with a laptop or a Mac, you can still watch Amazon Prime Video on these devices as well. The Amazon Video app is already accessible on the PC that you choose to use to watch videos. The following are the instructions for using Prime Video on an iOS or Windows device:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the website.
  2. Go to and look for the Amazon Video area.
  3. Choose your favourite film or television show to watch.
  4. It will begin playing in either high definition or standard definition.
  5. That’s how simple it is to begin viewing material on your PC, Mac, or any other laptop or computer with internet access. It’s a simple process.

For mobile consumers, Amazon has just made it easier to access its Prime Video service via a tablet or smartphone running either the iOS or Android operating systems, according to the company. The Amazon Video applications are available for Android and iOS tablets, smartphones, and tablets. This means that watching video content on your devices is simple and convenient. Here’s how to do it in a short amount of time:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store. Amazon Prime Video is a good place to start your search. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based video streaming service.
  2. Install the programme, and then be sure to wait until it has been fully installed before continuing.
  3. Log in using the credentials associated with your Amazon Video account.
  4. Begin by viewing your favourite television shows and movies.
  5. Also available on your Fire Tablet (powered by Amazon), which is equipped with Fire OS and is the best device for streaming Amazon’s high-quality video content, is the ability to connect to Amazon Prime Video content.
Do you need assistance with activating your subscription?

Is it necessary to sign in using Amazon through the website

For subscriptions that require Login through Amazon, you’ll simply need your Amazon account credentials to access them. If the Login with Amazon option is accessible on the website, service, or application, you will be able to access it. If this function is not included in your subscription, you will be need to create a separate account with the service provider in order to use it. In addition to your Amazon account, which can be found at and will be used to gain access to this subscription function, you’ll also need to create a new Amazon account.

Re-enter the information for your subscriptions and memberships.

It is possible to begin your subscription at any time through your memberships and subscriptions section of your Amazon account, which can be accessed at the If you were unable to activate your subscription immediately after payment, you may do so by visiting the address You’ll get a notification at the top of the list of subscriptions and memberships if there are any subscriptions or memberships that you need to activate. Pop-up windows are used to complete the process of activating your subscriptions and memberships. Before you begin, make sure that pop-ups are enabled in your web browser’s settings. Locate the subscription you wish to activate and look for a sign-up and sign-in button on the subscription page. It will open a new window in which you may register or establish an account with the service provider.

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