Enter Code Prime Video

Go to Amazon’s official site or enter this URL into your browser’s Search bar.

Once you have logged in to the website, it will prompt you to sign in into your existing account.

If you don’t already have an account, click on add account and then create an account.

After logging into your account, it will prompt you to enter a 6 character Amazon registration code.

After entering an account code for registration, the device has been after entering your registration code, it is registered with Amazon.

Register your Smart TV on

  1. Connect your device to the TV.
  2. visit the Amazon Prime application on Amazon Prime.
  3. Click on Register on the Amazon Website
  4. The registration code in the upper left side of your screen.
  5. Make note of your code and enter it on the amazon website. Enter the activation number on the TV

  1. The first step is to sign up to use the Amazon Prime app on your TV.
  2. Join between your Amazon Prime account credentials.
  3. You will then see a an activation code displayed on your TV’s screen.
  4. Copy the activation code of 6 digits.
  5. Now you can access to your internet browser and proceed
  6. Following the above steps, you need to enter the 6-letter activation codes in the registration form for the sports ground Code.
  7. Once you have completed the process, you’ll be signed up and amazon mytv activated Amazon Prime

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EASY method to sign up for AMAZON PREMIUM VIDEO

  1. Turn on your TV, and snap-concerning Amazon Prime differs when viewed from the TV.
  2. As time passes you will notice an unusually large number of people registering for the HTML0
  3. Then snap in the direction of each second. You’ll get stuck to each other of a six-digit code. For example GMTHBB
  4. Take note of that code, so that you can increase it even when you are marking your account.
  5. Now you need an account for and Amazon application to show that
  6. Your registration can be successfully completed.


Here’s how to check for updates to your software in the Samsung TV:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Support.
  • Choose Software to Update.
  • Choose Update Now.

In the event that the software update becomes installed the device will install the software and automatically reboot. After that, try using your Prime Video app and see whether you’ve solved the issue.

Why do you need to select AMAZON PRIME VIDEO as your STREAMING PARTNER?

There are a variety of reasons to which you need to choose Amazon Prime Video as your streaming partner. Let’s figure out what are the most important reasons.

  • Amazon Prime Video gives its customers the ability to access millions of films web series, movies, television shows, and web series.
  • Watch everything prior to cable TV’s broadcasting.
  • You don’t have to go to cinemas to see films.
  • Amazon Prime Video can be played on a variety of devices.
  • You can connect up to four devices simultaneously by using one account.

You can take advantage of these services at an reasonable cost. You can avail discounts on Prime membership on the days that are special offers of Amazon. Once you’ve signed up for Amazon Prime Video you will have access to Prime Video till the subscription is over. Following that, Amazon sends you a confirmation of renewing your subscription at any time.


  • Go to on your Smart TV. Choose “Register Your device” and you will receive a five-character Registration code , which you need to not forget to record somewhere.
  • Click on the link to the website www Amazon in your web browser. Enter your email address for your Amazon account and your password. If you’re a new customer, you can sign up at and click on “Sign in with the secure servers of” to sign in.
  • After you have logged in, type in the five-character code you recorded and press the Continue button.
  • Set up one-click payment settings that allow you to rent or buy Amazon Instant Videos in the near future?
  • Follow the steps to add a payment option and then select the billing address.
  • Create your purchase PIN . enter any 5-digit code that you’ll remember forever and click the “Save Your PIN”.
You can activate to watch Amazon Prime Video

This page will allow you to become more aware of how ablaze, and, if you’re not already aware but you’ll also find Amazon Prime, highlighting the first-class of compatible devices. If you’ve purchased too late in the process of purchasing Amazon Prime, realize that you can stream all of the amazing content with your streaming devices such as use on Roku Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, when you start Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video completed.

In this regard, on the occasion that you own an impressive TV, sign up it to Amazon Prime Partnership. Amazon Prime Partnership and find an abundance of motion pictures and TV shows for free. Because Amazon Prime Phase is largely employed for its amazing recordings. As an Amazon Prime member or supporter you may benefit from the daytime item vehicle, inexpensive recordings, web arrangements motion pictures, as well as two music administrations in addition to going.


Before making benefits which come from the nomination, it’s crucial that you establish your own record on the same platform. Customers are also offered the possibility to record their information within the period of activating their account. On the possibility that you’re ready ahead of the date, it’s useful to you. The method to set up an account on is recorded below:

  • With an internet browser, visit
  • At present, you have to look carefully for a “new available on Amazon” for reading.
  • At this point you can click on “Create Your Amazon accounts”.
  • On the page for nomination on the nomination page, you must provide all the necessary details.
  • To continue, click on”Make Account” to continue “Make Account” button.
  • To check your account You will receive the OTP performed on the specified number.
  • Use the same OTP to continue the process.
  • You can also check your data at your confirmation page.
  • If you pay for any paid membership, be sure to fill in the details of your MasterCard particulars.

After you’ve created and verified the details of your Amazon accounts, you are able to start making use of your subscription. All you need is to seek any assistance.


If you have an PC, Laptop or a Mac then you can watch Amazon Prime Video on these devices as well. The app available for Amazon Video is already available on the PC you prefer. If you’re on iOS as well as Windows device, it is possible to are able to use Prime Video and here’s how:

  • Open your Internet browser
  • Go to the Amazon Video section on
  • Pick your favorite film or TV show.
  • It will begin playing at HD or SD quality.

That’s how easily you can start watching content on your PC, Mac or any other Laptop/Computer. It’s easy.


In the interest of mobile users, Amazon just made it easy to use their Prime Video service using a tablet or smartphone that runs the iOS and Androud operating systems. It’s true, Amazon Video apps are accessible to Android and iOS tablets and smartphones and tablets, which means that accessing video content is easy on your devices. Here’s how to get it done quickly:

  • Visit Play Store and/or App Store Search on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video
  • Install the app, and then make sure to wait until it is completely installed
  • Log in using the details of your Amazon Video account details
  • Start watching your top programs on TV and Movies

Additionally, you can connect to Amazon Prime Video content on your Fire Tablet (powered by Amazon) that is equipped loaded with Fire OS and is the ideal device for streaming Amazon’s high-quality video content.

Have difficulty with activating the subscription?

Do you have to sign in using Amazon through

You’ll only need your Amazon account details to access subscriptions that offer Login through Amazon. You’ll find the Login with Amazon option on the website, service or application if it is available. If your subscription does not have this feature it, you’ll require an account with the provider of the service to access it. The account is distinct to your Amazon account, which is located at which is the account you’ll use for access to this subscription feature.

Try Again with Your Subscriptions and Memberships

If you were unable to activate your subscription immediately following payment, you may begin your subscription at any point through your memberships and subscriptions on your Amazon account by visiting the You’ll get a notice on top of the list of subscriptions and memberships about any subscriptions you require to activate. The process to activate your subscriptions and memberships utilizes pop-ups. Make sure that pop-ups are turned on in your browser prior to you begin. Find the subscription you want to activate, and search for a sign-up and sign in button. It will open a new window which you can use to register or create an account with your service company.

Verify Your Information on Account

If you sign into an existing account for the process of activating your subscription, you’ll be required to enter the details that you used initially to establish your Amazon accounts in the company you are using. Follow the instructions provided on the sign-in screen for your service provider and registration page.

Make Sure Your Device Is Up To Date

Make sure that the device you’re using works with the services on To determine if your device is compatible visit your subscriptions and memberships and select the title of your subscription. You’ll then be taken to the page with the information. Check the section titled “supported devices” which lists the systems and devices required to utilize for the service.

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