The Netflix Speed Test: How to Use It

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Netflix is one of the most widely used streaming services, which offers top-notch original programs as well as an expanding library of domestic and international titles to keep you entertained when watching TV, using a phone, or using a computer. Unless you’ve downloaded movies and TV series for offline watching, the Netflix app requires an active internet connection with relatively good data speeds. You may wish to check your network connection if Netflix won’t load or is sluggish and buffering. That’s why Netflix suggests the speed test using Fast.

Depending on the video quality your subscription package permits, Netflix recommends various minimum speeds.

ResolutionVideo qualityRecommended speed
720pHigh definition (HD)3 Mbps or higher
1080pFull high definition (FHD)5 Mbps or higher
4KUltra high definition (UHD)15 Mbps or higher

Speed isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing what video quality level to set. With fixed data mobile or internet plans, higher resolutions will require more data, which is a concern. The video quality you can get also depends on:

  • Your Netflix plan
  • The video quality your device supports
  • Your account’s data usage setting

How to do a Netflix speed test

You may check the speed of your network connection with the Fast app from Netflix.

  • If you use a mobile device or computer, open a web browser and navigate to or download the FAST Speed Test App for mobile from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • The test will begin right away. Just give it a few seconds to finish and your Netflix speed test will come up with your internet speed.
  • To learn more about latency and the upload speed of the connection, click Show more info. To modify settings like the number of parallel connections, test duration, and other things, click Settings.

You may check your internet speed on other devices like a TV or streaming stick using the Netflix app:

If you have a Netflix account and are signed in

  • Go left from the Netflix homescreen to access the menu.
  • Select Get Help from the bottom-right side of the menu.
  • Tap Check your Network.

If you haven’t signed in yet

  • Open the Netflix app.
  • Press these buttons on your remote in the following succession:
    • Up, Up, Down, Down
    • Left, Right, Left, Right
    • Up, Up, Up, Up
  • Tap Check your Network.

If the check is unsuccessful or returns an error, your device is likely not online.

The official Netflix speed test website,, allows you to check your internet speed and determine whether it is fast enough to stream Netflix. The Netflix speed test is distinct from other speed test websites in that it uses Netflix’s content delivery system rather than evaluating your connection against an arbitrary server somewhere in the world that you might never actually connect to.

If you intend to subscribe to one of the less expensive Netflix streaming options, is also helpful. You’ll be able to tell if your internet plan needs to be upgraded or if your network is fast enough to handle Netflix videos.

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