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The steps for installing and activating the Lifetime app on your choice streaming device are simple. To finish the process, access the activation URL, which is, then pick your device (Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, or Other), select your TV provider, enter your activation code, and finally click the “CONTINUE” button. The legitimacy of your subscription will be checked. You will be able to view your favourite television shows and movies after the verification procedure is complete.

Lifetime, a well-known television channel, allows you to explore its programming and watch full-length clips on your large-screen television by using streaming devices. Is there anything more you’d want to do? You can start viewing your favourite videos once you’ve loaded the app on your streaming device or mobile phone and checked in with your TV provider. Check to determine whether you currently have a subscription to a participating television service provider (cable or satellite).

Lifetime is a television service that allows you to watch whole episodes as well as highlights from your favourite series. The company’s TV app lets you watch a wide range of movies and create a personalised watchlist of the best episodes of your favourite series.

  • You may also view live events and download unique films from the Lifetime series. However, you must first activate Lifetime TV in order to do so.
  • Lifetime is available on iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast devices. If you wish to watch live television, you must first log in to your cable provider’s website.
  • To view the channel on television, you must subscribe to a satellite or cable service that transmits it. That is the only way to watch all of the videos that are currently available.

How much does a Lifetime app membership cost?

The Lifetime Movie Club app has a $3.99 monthly subscription charge. If you do not have a subscription to the channel, it does provide a big quantity of restricted unlocked content that you may access for free on your Roku device.

Another option is to purchase a year’s subscription for $39.99. You can also join up for a 7-day free trial.

How to Activate the LIFETIME CHANNEL on Roku

  1. If you have a Roku device and want to activate the LIFETIME CHANNEL on your Roku, you must follow the steps below:
  2. To begin, switch on your Roku device and go to the Roku home screen.
  3. After that, go to the channels store and type LIFETIME CHANNEL into the search bar, followed by entering.
  4. Then, from the drop-down menu under “LIFETIME CHANNEL,” select the “Add channel” tab. The LIFETIME CHANNEL channel is now being recorded on your Roku device’s home screen.
  5. After that, launch the LIFETIME CHANNEL channel on your Roku, and you will be given an activation code to finish the procedure. Make a mental note of it so you don’t forget.
  6. Go to using your cell phone or another device and input your mobile number or email address to obtain a verification code, whatever way is most convenient for you at the time.

Following that, you will need to “Login In” by visiting Roku and entering the code that appeared earlier on the screen, at which point you will be requested to sign into your LIFETIME CHANNEL account.

To activate LIFETIME CHANNEL on your Amazon Fire TV, go to

  • The processes for activating LIFETIME CHANNEL on Amazon Fire TV via are as follows. As a result, please examine them at your leisure.
  • To get started, switch on your Fire TV and download the LIFETIME CHANNEL app.
  • Then, launch the app on your device and go to the settings.
  • Then go to LIFETIME CHANNEL and choose the device you want to use to activate it.
  • Then, on your Amazon device, select “Connect” to begin watching the subscription.
  • On the PlayStation 4, go to
  • To install the LIFETIME CHANNEL app on your PlayStation 4, follow the procedures given below:
  • To begin, go to the home screen of your PS4 and pick TV > video from the drop-down menu.
  • If you do not already have LIFETIME CHANNEL installed on your device. Then, go to the Playstation Store and download the LIFETIME CHANNEL App from there.

Following that, select your television provider from the drop-down box, and you will be given an activation code.

Navigate to on your mobile device and enter the activation code into the proper areas.

Turn on your Xbox’s LIFETIME CHANNEL.

The methods for activating the LIFETIME CHANNEL on your Xbox are as follows:

Open your Xbox, search for LIFETIME CHANNEL, and then download the App from the shop on your device.

Now, navigate to the Xbox menu and select “Activate Channel” from the drop-down menu.

You will then be able to select your television provider from a drop-down menu, and an activation code will be provided.

Navigate to on your mobile device and enter the activation code into the proper areas.


Navigate to the My Lifetime activation page, which can be found at, and complete the registration process.

  • As soon as the page has loaded, you’ll be prompted to pick your device. To make My Lifetime available on your Smart TV, choose it from the Apple TV menu. If you wish to enable Roku, choose it from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, on your television screen, input the My Lifetime activation Code. Finally, to confirm your “My Lifetime” membership, click on the Continue button to the right.
  • Following completion of the registration process, you will be taken to the website of your cable provider. If you wish to proceed, please log in with your existing credentials.
  • Wait a few minutes for “My Lifetime Channel” to appear on your device’s screen, and then you’re finished.
  • Please keep in mind that you do not have to repeat the same procedures each time you watch My Lifetime channels from a different device.
  • Once your device has been authorised, you will be able to view your favourite Lifetime episodes, such as Dance Moms, whenever you want. You may use your smartphone to view Married at First Sight and a variety of other Lifetime television series.

To successfully create your profile on Account, please follow the instructions outlined below:

  • For more information, go to or
  • Input the device’s name into the text box.
  • Download and install the Mylifetime application on your smartphone.
  • MyLifetime activation codes may be accessed here.
  • To return to the My Lifetime Activation tab, click here.
  • Enter the activation code if you have one.
  • Continue by pressing the “Continue” button.
  • Your profile will be successfully created for your account throughout the course of your lifetime.
  • You will now be able to begin watching your movies no matter where you are.
  • When using to link the Lifetime app to a Samsung TV, what should I look for?
  • Connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet.
  • Inspect your Samsung TV to ensure that it has a fast internet connection or wi-fi capability.
  • The home button on your Samsung TV remote control should be easy to find and press once.
  • Then, on the television screen, a tab will emerge. Continue to scroll down until you reach the Apps option.
  • To access the Apps tab, choose it from the drop-down menu.
  • Find your Lifetime application by typing its name into the search box in the upper-right area of the display panel.
  • After the results of the recommendation are presented on the screen, you may select Lifetime, which is the official Lifetime application, from the list.
  • To install, simply click on the button and then wait for the process to be completed.
  • After completing the installation of the Lifetime app, navigate to the applications area and launch the app.
  • Once you have completed all of the following directions, you will be given a special voucher that will allow you to activate the app for the lifetime of your Samsung TV. How can I activate my Apple TV with

Follow the steps outlined below to configure your Apple TV so that MyLifetime may be streamed on your device. If you want to use MyLifetime services on your Apple device, follow the instructions detailed below.

  • Start the Apple TV web browser and look for the Lifetime app in the list of available apps.
  • When the “Lifetime” app becomes available, select “Lifetime” from the menu and follow the on-screen instructions to generate an activation code.
  • Go to on your browser to begin the process.
  • Choose Apple TV from the drop-down menu.
  • You will see your Apple TV activation code displayed on your computer screen.
  • Approve the activation code’s use.
  • You can now watch your favourite Lifetime episodes on your Apple TV whenever you want, without having to wait for a commercial break.
  • The best way to watch Lifetime without a television or cable subscription
  • To watch Lifetime channels without a cable subscription, you’ll need to subscribe to a streaming service that offers Lifetime channels.

There are several streaming providers that have Lifetime channels as part of their subscription packages.

To gain access to Lifetime: You Must Subscribe, you must first join up for their membership plan.

  • Philo
  • Hulu \sFuboTV
  • AT&T Television
  • Philo:

Philo is the money service of choice for all of us since it is the most economical and cost-effective option available to consumers.

The Lifetime channel and 60 other popular channels are available for only $25 a month through Philo’s streaming service.

There is also a free one-week trial period available.

Additionally, Philo has included a cloud DVR storage option for storing your favourite episodes and films at no additional charge.

It is compatible with the following devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku

The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs): Asked Questions

Is there a Lifetime channel on YouTube TV?

Unfortunately, YouTube TV is not accessible at the time of writing. YouTube TV does not have access to the Lifetime channel, which means you cannot watch it live. Other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Hulu, do, however, offer access to the show.

  • You may be able to get Lifetime TV programmes with Netflix.
  • Lifetime films and television series are available on Netflix for users to watch.
  • Netflix also has Lifetime Originals, which are shows produced by the network.
  • If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ll be able to watch the finest of the Lifetime material available to you.

How can I watch Lifetime without having a television cable connection?

You’re having trouble activating the MyLifetime channel on your home television through or creating a MyLifetime account through so that you can watch your favourite channel on your gadgets such as Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3? We can help.

What happens if the name of my service provider isn’t in the list?

This implies that if the name of your TV provider is not featured on the list, you will be unable to use the app.

Consider switching to a different TV provider or making use of streaming services.

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