How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TVs, Smart TVs and more


Amazon Prime members can get stuck into shows, movies and funky exclusive content like American Gods on their trusty smartphone using the prime video app. But what about if you want to kick back on yourself and relax with a bit of prime on your Telly well here’s all you need to know.

First off, you need to be a Prime member to access the free prime video content, obviously, the annual fee right now is 79 quid. But everyone’s entitled to a 30 day free trial, so you can at least try it out before buying or simply binge on everything that you want to watch before the month is up, if you’ve got plenty of spare time and you’re a bit tight.

If you don’t have or don’t want that Prime subscription, you instead have the option to rent and buy content direct from Amazon Video Amazon’s pay per view iTunes battlin effort. But for now, we’ll concentrate on prime video to avoid confusing methods. These days you can watch amazon prime content on most smart TVs available in the UK from the likes of Samsung, LG Sony and Panasonic first of course you’ll need to download the amazon prime video app, if it’s not already pre-installed on your Telly.

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This can be done direct from your talleys app store so check out the manual if you need full instructions. Once the app is downloaded open it up and sign into Amazon accounts and you should have full access to all of the prime content. If you so called Smart City doesn’t support amazon prime video, the cheapest and easiest solution is to snaffle a fire TV or fire TV stick stream app.

There’s many TV streamers are made by Amazon and so naturally offer prime video streaming as a built in feature as well as access to loads of other apps and games. They’re tiny and easy to set up. Just plug them into the attendees HDMI port Simon’s your Amazon account, and away you go.

And they even now come with Amazon’s Alexa AI built in for smart surgeon, check out our full reviews of the latest Fire TV devices over. However, don’t think that the fire TV stream was the only option for getting stuck into a bit of I love Dec, for instance amazon prime is also now available from the Roku channel store for any Roku streaming devices, which offers similar service to Amazon streams.

You can also get access to the prime service by an NVIDIA Shield TV, which is a particularly nifty option if you’d like that again in between your boxes binges Tim Cook also recently announced that amazon prime video will become as the Apple TV and a future update.

So stay tuned for more on that your final option for getting a bit of prime video on your Google box is a compatible blu-ray player or games console. All you need to do is again download the prime app just like before, and sign in with your Amazon creds job done. All you need to know about Amazon Prime and amazon prime video.

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