Add The Disney Bundle Duo To Hulu Subscription


Add Disney Bundle Duo to your hulu subscription. As a Hulu-billed subscriber, you’ll be able to manage your subscription to the Disney Bundle directly on your Hulu Account page.

The Disney Bundle Duo gives access to two streaming services HULU and DISNEY+

  • Hulu: Watch on-demand shows and movies, including full seasons of various series, past seasons, movies, Hulu Originals, current TV hits, and more.
  • Disney+: Watch all your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geography, and more.

For individuals who do not already have a subscription to one of the included services,
signing up for the Disney Bundle is a rather simple process. All you need to do is visit, select the Disney Bundle Duo , input basic details, and click “AGREE & SUBSCRIBE” to subscribe the Disney Bundle Duo. Here is the quick guide for the same. SIGN UP FOR THE DISNEY BUNDLE DUO AS A NEW HULU SUBSCRIBER.

But what happens if you already have a subscription to one service and wish to upgrade
to the bundle? That’s where things get a bit trickier. Fortunately, we’ve put up a step-by-
step tutorial to help you add the Disney Bundle Duo when you already have a Hulu subscription:

  1. Sign in to your  Hulu Account  on a mobile or web browser
  2. Select Account and navigate to ‘Your Subscription‘ section and click
    on ‘Manage Plan’
  3. Select Manage Plan – your current plan will be marked in green
  4. Under Packages, Toggle on The Disney Bundle with your desired Hulu plan
  5. Click  Review Changes
  6. Hit submit and you’re all set!

You can cancel your Disney Bundle subscription at any time. You will retain access to all two services until the end of your billing period.

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