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NFL Sunday Ticket is a high-end sports bundle that offers you access to National Football League (NFL) regular season games on Sunday afternoons (Eastern Time) that aren’t shown locally on television. You can add NFL Sunday Ticket to your YouTube TV Base Plan subscription. NFL Sunday Ticket is also available as a stand-alone YouTube Primetime channel.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Through the streaming video service NFL Sunday Ticket, football fans can watch every “out-of-market” game played on a given Sunday. These are the NFL games that don’t air on the CBS or Fox affiliate stations in your area. No matter where they live, football fans may virtually watch every Sunday game during the regular season thanks to this initiative.

Football fans who subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube will be able to stream numerous games on as many devices as they desire while at home, in addition to being able to watch every Sunday afternoon game. You can watch simultaneously on two additional devices when you’re not at home (unless you have the cheaper plan). For the upcoming season, YouTube has also added a few new features, such as “Multiview,” which lets you watch many games at once.

NFL Sunday Ticket add-on to watch NFL games on YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers live TV from more than 100 regional, cable, and broadcast sports networks. The monthly cost of a YouTube TV Base Plan is $72.99. NFL games you may watch with a YouTube TV Base Plan include the following:

  • Most preseason games are broadcast locally and nationally.
  • Regular season games aired locally and nationally, including Sunday Night Football on NBC.
  • Thanksgiving games on CBS, NBC, and Fox and Postseason games carried nationally.

Throughout the regular season, you may watch all out-of-market Sunday games when you add NFL Sunday Ticket to your YouTube TV Base Plan. When you purchase NFL Sunday Ticket as an add-on and combine it with a YouTube TV Base Plan, you can watch:

  • NFL preseason games
  • NFL regular season games on national and local networks
  • Sunday afternoon out-of-market for the regular season NFL contests
  • NFL postseason games

How to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV

1. Bundle or Separate:

You can bundle it with 100+ live TV channels on YouTube TV, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN, or buy it alone.

2. Maintain Your Internet Connection:

Ensure that your internet connection is high-speed; a minimum of 3+ Mbps is required, but 7+ Mbps is preferred for optimal quality.

3. Watch on devices that are compatible:

Search for “YouTube” in the app store on your compatible device to download the YouTube or YouTube TV apps, or visit or to watch directly from your computer.

Watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Your Smart Device

Prior to watching NFL Sunday Ticket on your streaming device or smart TV, confirm:

  • You’re using a device that is supported.
  • The most recent YouTube app is installed on your device.
  • You have a high-speed internet connection with your device. In order to reliably stream HD video, we recommend at least 13 Mbps of download speed.
  • Your mobile web browser has Location Sharing enabled on your mobile device. You must use your mobile device to confirm your playback region even if you wish to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on your TV. NFL Sunday Ticket games that are available to you will be determined by your playback area.

Start watching on your smart TV or streaming device by following these steps:

  • Open the YouTube app on your device and sign in using the Google Account you used to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • Live and upcoming NFL games in your area will appear on the Home tab and the NFL channel page. You may also access the NFL channel page by typing NFL into the search field and then press enter.
  • Next, choose the game to begin watching if it is a live event.
  • If the game is scheduled for later, choose it and then select Notify me to receive an alert on your phone when it goes live.

How to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube?

NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV is the greatest option for watching out-of-market NFL games. You have options. Bundle with YouTube TV or purchase it separately on YouTube.

NFL Sunday Ticket + YouTube TV:

This plan comes with following benefits:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket, three months of Max, and YouTube TV Base Plan.
  • YouTube TV Base Plan: You can get over 100 live channels, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN, for an extra $72.99/month. This plan allows you to watch more live sports, including local and national NFL games.
  • Watch on your TV or other gadgets that are compatible.
  • No Prior agreement needed.
  • Watch NFL games simultaneously on several devices.

Price: 4 payments of $87.25/month or $349/yr.

NoteRequires an active YouTube TV Base Plan, priced at $72.99/mo. You are not eligible for a free trial if you pay monthly.

NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube:

With this plan you get following:

  • A ticket for NFL Sunday.
  • Watch on other compatible devices and your TV.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket content is available for unlimited simultaneous streaming at home.

Price: 4 payments of $112.25/month or $449/yr.

How to Watch Multiple NFL Games Simultaneously?

With a smart TV or streaming device, you may watch up to four preselected NFL games simultaneously thanks to Multiview. On YouTube, Multiview options appear roughly 20 minutes before the game begins.
The easiest method to locate the Multiview for a certain set of games is to:

  • Begin watching one of your favorite team’s games.
  • Hold down on your remote until you see predefined Multiview combinations.
  • Choose your desired game combo.

How to Record NFL Games?

NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube offers unlimited digital video recording (DVR) storage.

  • First, open the YouTube TV app and sign in using the Google Account you used to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • Set your home location.
    • Go to with your computer or mobile browser and then click SIGN IN.
    • Once you’ve signed in, click NOT NOW on the Welcome to YouTube TV screen and input your zip code if prompted.
  • Finally add teams and the NFL to your YouTube TV Library after logging in and confirming your location on a computer or mobile device. By adding the NFL to your Library, you will be able to record current and future NFL game broadcasts on the NFL Sunday Ticket Primetime Channel.

You may watch recordings on your TV, mobile device, computer, or the YouTube TV app or on Recordings are automatically added to your YouTube TV Library. Although recordings don’t take up any memory on your device, you must have an internet connection in order to see them.

That’s how to watch NFL Sunday Games on YouTube TV or YouTube.

Subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV right now to start watching National Football League (NFL) regular season games on Sunday afternoons with your friends and family. We hope you find the information about NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV useful.

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