– Activate Nick Jr on any Device


Visit on a computer. Click “Activate” after entering the activation code that appears on the Nick Jr. app. Then, input the details of the TV service provider. Nick Jr. begins running on your device as soon as you log in successfully.

Activate Nick Jr. on XFINITY

Nick Jr. on Xfinity is quite simple to activate. You need Comcast or Xfinity television. The steps listed below can be used to watch Nick Jr. on Xfinity:

  • Your Xfinity TV has to be connected to a high-speed Internet network.
  • If you have the Xfinity app loaded on your TV, you must sync it.
  • Then, download the Nick Jr. app from your App Store or Channel Store.
  • Look for the Nick Jr. app in your TV box.
  • Open the app on your device to view the Xfinity NickJr activation code.
  • Use your web browser on computer or mobile device to navigate to
  • Then, type the Xfinity Nick Jr activation code and click on the “Continue” tab.
  • Next, Log into the network account for your TV provider.
  • You’re ready to start watching your favorite programs.

Activate Nick Jr. on ROKU

To enable Nick Jr on your Roku, get your Roku TV remote control ready and follow the instructions below.

  • Press the “Home” button on your “Roku” remote to return to the homepage.
  • Search for the “NickJr” app in the “Roku Channel” store.
  • Choose the “Official NickJr” app, then wait for your Roku TV to download and install it.
  • Navigate to Roku Channel >> NickJr App and select to open it.
  • Note the activation code that is displayed on the app screen.
  • Open your phone’s browser and navigate to
  • Enter the NickJr activation code and click “Continue.”
  • Then, sign in to your NickJr account.
  • Choose “NickJr TV provider” from the provided list.
  • Your NickJr account has now been set up on your Roku TV.
  • Return to your Roku TV, where all of the NickJr programs, TV shows, and anime should be available after a refresh of the app.

Activate Nick Jr. on APPLE TV

  • Open the NickJr app on your Apple TV.
  • Make a note of the activation code for NickJr.
  • Open a web browser on your phone or computer and go to
  • Enter the activation code and click the Continue button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the TV provider sign-in credentials.
  • Once activated, you can watch Nick Jr on your Apple TV.

Activate Nick Jr. on Amazon FIRE TV at

  • Install the NickJr app by visiting the Amazon app store.
  • After installation, return to the home screen and launch the app.
  • Navigate to the channel store >> open the NickJr app.
  • A distinct 7-digit activation code will be displayed on the screen.
  • Use your web browser on computer or mobile device to navigate to
  • Enter the 7 digit code and then click Continue.
  • Make a selection from the list of TV providers. (Check to see whether your cable TV provider offers the Nick Jr. channel).
  • Next, sign in to your NickJr account to complete the process.

Now your Nick Jr app is active on Fire TV. You can select a show and enjoy it with your little ones. Activate Android TV

  • From the Android TV main menu, navigate to the Apps area.
  • Pick the Play Store application.
  • To locate the Nickjr app, use the search function in the Play Store app.
  • Once you’ve found it, click Install to add the app to your Android TV.
  • After installation, open the NickJr app.
  • Choose the sign-in option inside the app to obtain a TV activation code.
  • Visit on a different device.
  • When prompted, enter the code there and press the Continue button.
  • Then, log in to your TV Provider account..

Where can I get information about Nickelodeon’s pay-TV providers?

You can use one of the participating pay-TV services, which include the following, to activate Nickelodeon Channels:

  • A provider of satellite television services is Direct TV Dish Network.
  • There are two options: AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS.
  • Visit the website to find out more about your particular location. Activate Xbox One & 360

  • Install the NickJr kids app from the Microsoft Store.
  • To view the activation code, open the NickJr app.
  • Use your web browser to navigate to
  • On the screen, enter the Xbox activation code.
  • To continue, click “Continue“.
  • Log on to the network of your TV provider.
  • Done. Activate on PS4

  • Install the NickJr app by downloading it from the PlayStation app store.
  • View the PS4 activation code by launching the NickJr app.
  • Open the browser on your phone or computer and go to
  • Enter the NickJr PS4 activation code, then select the “Continue” tab.
  • Choose your TV provider’s network account and log in.

All you need to access online on a computer or smart device is a web browser, your TV provider login, and your password. Activation codes for the Nick Jr. app may be found in the settings section on your preferred device.

Numerous devices, including Android, iOS, Kindle, Roku, and Apple TV, are compatible with With a supported web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Brave, you can also watch online.

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