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Steps to activate Fox News streaming application

To activate Fox News on your device you need authentication from the channel itself. For this, you need to register your device with a Fox News account. So, let’s check out the Fox News activation process:

1. First of all make sure your device is eligible to access Fox News streaming application/.

2. Then download the Fox News streaming application from the Application store of the device.

3. After that launch the application and look for the “Settings” option from the left-hand side of the screen

4. Here click on “Log In Provider” and as a result, an activation code will appear on the screen. If you have a Fox News account then click on the “Login” button only and save the activation code that appeared on the screen.

5. Further go to in a web browser on a computer or laptop or mobile.

6. Select the TV provider or media device on which you want to watch the Fox News app; location.

7. As a result you will reach the activation page.

8. Here enter the activation code and click on the “continue” button

9. This will take you to the login screen or the “TV provider” or “Fox News”.

10. Here login with the account credentials and after successful login your Fox News app of your device will automatically update.

Now you can easily watch your news anytime on your favorite device. If your TV service provider is not listed with the Fox News platform then you will not be able to activate your device. So, always check the eligibility of the device and TV provider before heading to the activation process.

Tips you need to consider while activating Fox News on your device

Before starting the activation process of Fox News you need to fulfill these requirements to set up your device:

1. Connection cables to connect internet and display device with the Streaming device

2. You need to know the controls and sections of your device for activation

3. Channel store is very much important to download the app

4. TV provider plays an important role. So always make sure that your TV provider is eligible to login with the Fox News streaming app.

5. During entering the activation code of the device be careful and enter the code in the same order it is displaying on the app screen.

Now you are all set to activate Fox News without any interruptions or errors. So, activate Fox News now and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

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