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Activate your Fetch TV box by going to fetchtv.com.au/activate by enter the code from your Smart Tv screen. To activate more boxes, go to www.fetchtv.com.au/account and add more boxes to your account.

Airflow is assured by leaving 5cm of space around 5cm around the Fetch box. Remote controls can be operated up to 6m away beyond the Fetch box. Prior to cleansing the Fetch box, disconnect it from the power source. Only use a dry and clean cloth for cleaning . Don’t apply any chemical or water. It is recommended that you don’t try opening the box. This can cause serious injury and invalidate your warranty.

Make sure to activate Fetch on the device you are using

  • Visit fetchtv.com.au/activate on your web browser.
  • Click on Get Started.
  • Fill your Account details.
  • Choose the package you prefer.
  • Enter your Payment Information.
  • Confirm your details.
  • You must enter in the Fetch ID/ Activation code.

Where can you locate your Activation Code/Fetch Identification?

If you’re still not set up Fetch,

  • Visit fetchtv.com.au/activate to get your Activation Code (also called your Fetch ID). Add the third or second box. Within ‘Account Settings select ‘Add and remove Fetch Box’.
  • Fetch Activation Code is displayed on your screen. Make note of it. It will also be sent to you by email or text message.
  • You can look up your Activation Code by going to fetchtv.com.au/activate. Log in using the email address that you used to sign-up as well as the password. After that, choose ‘Add and Remove Fetch Boxes within the Account Setting section. You will be able to view all activation codes associated with each.
  • After your Fetch box has been installed, you will be able to get access to the Activation Code on your box’s menu. Select the menu option Manage > Settings > User preferences > Activation Code or Settings> Device Information > Options. The PIN you enter will be needed to see your activation number.

What is the process behind this

  • Retail stores began selling Fetch set-top boxes from July 2014 onwards.
  • Once you’ve set up your set-top box, go to fetch.com.au/activate to subscribe with Fetch.
  • Fetch will send you an activation code. Then, Fetch will send the activation key to you.
  • Internode will monitor all information used in retail Fetch services.

Official link – https://www.fetchtv.com.au/activate


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