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ZEE5 is an Indian subscription video on demand and over-the-top streaming service owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It was launched in India on February 14, 2018, featuring material in 12 languages. ZEE5 is one of India’s leading OTT services, with a focus on domestic movie and TV properties. Fortunately, it’s compatible with all major platforms and you can watch it on your smart TV. Whether you have a Google, Android, LG, or Samsung TV, viewing ZEE5 is simple and convenient. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process on how to connect and activate ZEE5 on several TV types such as Android TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick, allowing you to experience your favorite Indian content on a larger screen.

Activate Zee5 on Your Android TV

Discover the world of entertainment with Zee5 on your Android TV by following these steps:

  • From your Android TV’s home screen, go to the Google Play Store. You may also use your Android TV remote to access the Play Store app.
  • Locate the Search bar and choose it.
  • Next, enter ‘Zee5’ into the search box using on-screen keyboard.
  • Then, find the Zee5 app in the results and select it with the “OK” button.
  • On the Zee5 app preview page, click the Install option. Wait for the app to install on your Android TV.
  • Once installed, choose Open to run the application.
  • A login screen will appear displaying the activation code along with an option to login with mobile number.
  • If your Zee5 account is linked to a mobile number, select Login with mobile number.
    • Next, enter the mobile number associated with the active Zee5 subscription.
    • When you receive the OTP, enter it on your TV screen, and you’re all set!
  • If your Zee5 subscription is not linked to your mobile number, take your phone and follow these instructions:
    • Visit the official ZEE5 website using your smartphone or PC’s browser.
      • Next, log in to the website and pick the Menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner.
      • Then, from the drop-down menu, select Authenticate TV.
      • Finally, enter your activation code and click Continue.
    • If you’re using the Android or iOS app, open it and tap the More button in the bottom right corner.
      • Choose the Authenticate TV option.
      • Finally, enter the Activation Code you received on your TV screen.
      • Tap Continue to complete the activation process.
  • Your ZEE5 app for Apple TV is now active and you’re ready to dive into Zee5’s content!

Activate Zee5 on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick

Follow the below steps to access ZEE5 using Amazon Fire Stick:

  • Insert the Amazon Fire Stick into the HDMI port on your TV.
  • Then, navigate to the Amazon App Store on your Fire TV. 
  • Click the magnifying glass icon. 
  • Subsequently, use the search bar to search for Zee5 app.  
  • Once located, select and download the app on your Firestick. Wait for the app to install on your device. 
  • After installation, launch the Zee5 app on your Fire TV.
  • When prompted to log in, select between using “Login with your mobile number” or continuing with your Amazon login.
  • If you choose “Login with Mobile Number” option, then follow these steps:
    • To log in, enter the mobile number linked with your current ZEE5 membership.
    • You will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Save the OTP for further use.
    • Now, enter the One-Time Password (OTP) that was sent to your registered mobile number.
    • Finally, click Continue to complete the activation process.
  • If your ZEE5 subscription was purchased through Amazon, select Continue with Amazon.
  • Finally, login with your Amazon account to complete the process.
  • Zee5 is now active and you can access ZEE5 on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Happy streaming!

Activate Zee5 on Samsung Smart TV

Follow the steps below to activate Zee5 on your Samsung TV, and you’ll be ready to watch your favorite Indian entertainment on a larger screen.

Supported versions: manufactured from 2017 ahead (Tizen OS 3.0 or higher).

  • Access the Apps section: On your Samsung TV remote, press the Smart Hub or Home button.
  • Next navigate to the Apps area.
  • Search for the ZEE5 app: Now, look for the Search option in the apps area and enter “ZEE5” into the search column to find the app.
  • Install the ZEE5 app: Select the Zee5 app from the search result and click Install to download and install the app on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Open the ZEE5 app: Once the installation is complete, launch the Zee5 app.
  • Login Prompt: A login prompt will display on the screen.
  • Login Options:
    • If your subscription is tied to your mobile number, click on “Login with Mobile Number” option.
      • Enter the mobile number connected with your current ZEE5 membership.
      • You will receive an OTP on your mobile device. Remember the OTP and move to next step.
      • Now, enter this OTP into your TV, and hit the Continue button.
      • You are now ready to watch ZEE5 on your Samsung TV.
    • If your subscription is not tied to your mobile number, then:
      • Install and open the ZEE5 app on your phone.
      • Next log in to Zee5 account with your subscription account.
      • After successful login, go to settings and select Activate TV.
      • Finally, enter the code that appears on your TV screen to complete the process.
      • You are now ready to enjoy watching Zee5 on your Samsung Smart TV.

Activate Zee5 on LG Smart TV

Follow this simple DIY approach to activate ZEE5 and experience a world of fun in no time!

  • Turn on TV: First turn on your LG TV and make sure it has a stable internet.
  • Access the App Store: On your LG TV’s home screen, navigate to the Apps area.
  • Search for ZEE5: Now, go to the Search option and enter “Zee5” into the search bar to find the Zee5 app.
  • Install ZEE5: Then, choose the ZEE5 app in the search results and select Install to download and install the app on your LG TV.
  • Launch ZEE5: Post installation, click Open to start the ZEE5 app.
  • Login Options:
    • Log in with Mobile Number: Choose “Login with mobile number” if your subscription is connected to a mobile number.
      • Enter the cell phone number associated with your active ZEE5 subscription.
      • You will receive an OTP on your mobile device. Go to the following step and keep in mind the OTP.
      • Now input this OTP into your TV and select Continue.
      • Zee5 is now active and you are ready to watch ZEE5 on your LG TV.
    • Log in Without Mobile Number: If there is no mobile number associated with your membership, then:
      • On your phone, install and launch the ZEE5 app.
      • Next, use your subscription account to log into your Zee5 account.
      • Once you’ve successfully logged in, select Activate TV under Settings.
      • To finish the process, input the code that displays on your TV screen.
      • Now that you have your LG Smart TV set up, you can start enjoying Zee5.

That’s how to install and activate the Zee5 app on your smart streaming devices.

Download and install the ZEE5 app right now to start watching drama, comedy, or thrilling mysteries and movies in different languages with your friends and family. We hope you find the information to activate and stream Zee5 on your devices useful.

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