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A valid copy of Windows 11 must be activated to ensure that it hasn’t been installed on more devices than the Microsoft Software License Terms permit. If your computer can run Windows 11 after running a compatibility test for it, you may decide to install it. After finishing the Windows setup, you may get a message on the desktop screen “Activate Windows. Go to Settings to activate Windows”.

This watermark is annoying. Additionally, you are unable to change the customization options, including the desktop background, PC colors, lock screen, taskbar, start, and more. Activating Windows 11 should be your top priority. So how do you activate Windows 11 Professional or other editions?

Methods to activate windows 11

There are three methods to which you can activate your product: Online via the internet, by telephone using Microsoft automated systems, and by a live support advocate.

Online: Windows will attempt to activate online using your internet connection as soon as you start the process. You can activate by phone if you’re having trouble activating online or don’t have access to the internet. To try online, adhere to the “Activate Using an Internet Connection” procedure below.

Automated System & Live Support Advocate: Follow the “Activate by Phone” procedure below to obtain the toll-free activation support phone number. You will have the choice to phone-activate your device. If you are unable to properly activate using this technique, please try again. You will then be linked to Microsoft support for your region and nation.

To activate Windows 11 using an internet connection:

As Windows 11 will activate itself if you are online, you can confirm your activation status by selecting Start > Settings > System > Activation and looking under Windows.

To activate Windows 11 by phone:

  • Select Start.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Navigate to System and then Activation.
  • Under Activate Windows Now section, select Activate by Phone.

How to Activate Windows 11

You don’t need to separately activate Windows 11 if you have a Windows 10 product key and upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 via Windows Update while preserving all of your apps and files. During the installation of Windows 11, the system will be activated automatically.

After installation, if Windows 11 isn’t activated, you can manually activate it using a Windows 11 activation code.

  1. Open the Settings app and go to the System section. You can see a message from the right section saying “Windows isn’t activated”. To proceed, simply press the “Activate now” button.
  2. Then navigate to Update product key.
  3. Next, click on Change product key.
  4. Enter your Windows 10/11 activation Code and click Next. Windows will then start the activation process.

Activate Windows 11 using a digital license

You don’t need to look for digital licenses on your computer because they are tied to your hardware and related with your Microsoft account. Once your computer is online and you have logged into your Microsoft account, you are ready to go.

Installation and activation on a new device the first time:

If you don’t have a product key and you’re installing Windows for the first time on a new device or motherboard, choose I don’t have a product key on the installation setup windows. Enter the Microsoft account you wish to use to buy a digital license for this device. Go to activation settings after finishing the setup screens and Windows has finished installing.

  • Select the Start  button.
  • Then select Settings.
  • Navigate to System and then go to Activation.
  • Then select Open Store to buy a digital license to activate Windows.

Activate Windows 11 after re-installation

You can reinstall the same edition of Windows 11 on this device without providing a product key if you have a digital license for it.

Before attempting a reinstall, make sure Windows 11 is activated. Select Settings > System > Activation from the Start menu to find out.

Your Windows 11 Edition must match your license

Windows won’t activate if your license doesn’t match the Windows edition that you purchased or are entitled to. Make sure you have Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro, depending on the edition you bought. You must reinstall Windows 11 Home if you bought the “Windows 11 Home” edition.

Activate Windows 11 Insider Preview

If Windows was enabled on your device prior to updating to the new version, you will automatically receive new builds if you are a Windows Insider and have been using Windows 11 Insider Preview builds.

If you are not already a member for the Windows Insider program, click the Start button, followed by Settings > System > Windows Insider Program > Get started.

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