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Through audacious storytelling, STARZ vividly brings a variety of viewpoints to life with its extensive library of innovative docuseries, carefully chosen hit films, and imaginative original series. Starz Network is a premium cable and satellite TV channel that debuted in February 1994 and gives fans access to some of their favorite episodes, films, and specials. Nevertheless, some people may find it challenging to activate STARZ on various devices. For that reason, we’ve put together this thorough guide to assist you with turning on STARZ on practically any device. Please take note that you must activate Starz on your streaming device by visiting in order to enjoy any of these fantastic entertainment doses.

We can assist you with any device—Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV, or even a phone or tablet. As we walk you through each stage of the activation process, please take a seat back and relax.

Activate Starz On Roku TV

See the instructions below to get Starz on Roku:

  • Turn on your Roku TV, and then tap the home button on your TV remote to access the Roku home screen.
  • Now choose Streaming Channels from the device’s home screen.
  • Then, select the search channel and, use your device’s on-screen keyboard and type Starz in the search field.
  • To install the Starz app on your Roku device, select it from the results list and click Add Channel.
  • After installing, open the STARZ app on your Roku device.
  • A popup to activate will appear, or you can choose to Log In or Have STARZ.
  • Login to the account with ID and Password and you’ll get a 4-digit activation code. Keep in mind that the code needs to be stored for later use.
  • Now, use a PC, laptop, or mobile device to go to
  • Then, enter the four-digit activation code in the provided box and click Submit.
  • Next, choose the TV Provider (if Prompted).
  • Put in your login credentials.
  • You will get a success message on your computer or laptop.
  • And within a minute, Starz app will get activated on your device.

Activate Starz on Apple TV

To activate Starz on Apple TV, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Apple TV Home Screen and open the App Store to begin the Starz activation process.
  • Type to search for the Starz channel app using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Select the Starz app and click Get button to download it on your Apple TV device.
  • Now open the app and login in with your account credentials.
  • You will see a 4-digit activation code on your screen. Don’t forget to note it down, as you will need it coming steps.
  • Now, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device, go to the activation URL
  • Input the activation code, that appears on your Apple TV screen, in the box given.
  • Click Submit button to activate your Starz channel on Apple TV.
  • Choose your TV Provider and Log In using your credentials (If prompted).
  • With in a minute, Starz channel will be activated and you can enjoy your favorite Starz shows and movies.

Activate Starz On Fire TV

Using a variety of Amazon devices, such as Fire TV, Fire Stick, or Fire tablet, you may stream the greatest films, hit shows, and documentaries that are available on the Starz channel.

  • Go to your device’s Home Screen and launch the Amazon App store to begin the Amazon Fire TV activation procedure.
  • Find the Starz app by using the Search icon.
  • Next, to install the app on your Fire TV, select the Starz channel from the list of available channels and click Get or Download.
  • Open the Starz Channel now, and Log In to your account. An activation code will appear on the screen. Either write down or remember the code.
  • Next, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to to complete the activation process.
  • To activate the service, input the activation code that appears on the device’s screen and click Submit.
  • Select the TV Provider after that (if prompted).
  • Enter your login information.
  • On your laptop or PC, a success notification will appear.
  • The Starz app will then activate on your Fire TV in around a minute.

Activate Starz on Android TV

  • Turn on your Android TV, and then go to your TV’s home screen.
  • Visit the Google Play Store after that.
  • Now, search for the Starz app using the on-screen keypad.
  • Then select the app and click Install button to download and install the app on your Android TV.
  • Next, open the app and you will receive a unique activation code. Keep this activation code safe, or keep your screen visible for the same purpose.
  • Now, on a separate device, go to and enter the code you were given in the designated field.
  • Finally, tap the Submit button.
  • Your favorite Starz entertainment is available to stream on your Android TV.

Activate Starz on Xfinity

  • Press the Guide button on your device’s remote to display the main guide (channel listing).
  • Then, browse the guide, select the Starz channel and add it to your favorites.
  • After that, select the channel and sign in to your Starz account with your password and email address.
  • You will see a 4-digit activation code right on your screen. Keep the code handy, as you need it in the following step.
  • Navigate to the Telemundo activation page at using any browser on your smartphone or PC.
  • Next, input the activation code that appears on the screen.
  • After that, select Submit to start streaming and start watching your preferred Starz TV series and films.

Activate Starz on PlayStation

  • Turn on your device first, then navigate to the PlayStation Store.
  • From the PlayStation store, select the apps section.
  • Next, look for the Starz app.
  • Now, select the app from the search result and click Download to install it on your console.
  • Open the Starz app and the Starz homepage will appear on your PlayStation.
  • Search for the Sign In or Account option in the upper-right corner on the homepage.
  • To continue, choose Sign In.
  • Sign in to your Starz account using your password and email address.
  • Make sure you enter your password and email address correctly using the on-screen keyboard, and then click the Sign In button.
  • To continue, choose either Activate, and you will receive an activation code on your screen.
  • Now, open a web browser on a PC or mobile device and go to the Starz activation website –
  • On the activation page, enter the activation code that appears on your TV screen in the relevant space.
  • To finish the device activation process, adhere to the on-screen directions.

That’s how you install and activate the Starz app on a your smart devices.

Download and install the Starz app right now to start watching hit films, and imaginative original series with your friends and family. We hope you find the information to activate Starz app on your devices useful.

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