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Owned by Charter Communications, Spectrum TV Stream is an over-the-top internet television service in the United States. Exclusive to Charter Spectrum internet users, the service is designed to function as a virtual multichannel video content distributor. It is intended to compete with other competing OTT thin bundles for cord cutters by providing a selection of major cable channels and on-demand content that can be accessed via smart TVs, digital media devices, and mobile apps. It is an OTT service that is available on all streaming platforms, including Roku, Xbox, Android TV, and Apple TV. In this section, we will go over how to activate the Spectrum TV app on various devices at

How to Sign Up for Spectrum TV Account?

  • Open your web browser and go to Spectrum’s official website at
  • A Sign-in window will appear on the screen. Click the Create a Username link.
  • Confirm Your Account by providing one of the details associated with your account. You will see three options, “Phone Number, Email Address and Account info, choose one of them to continue.
  • Next, enter either Phone Number or Email address or Account Number depending upon the option you choose and then click Next.
  • A verification code will be sent to your email address or phone number.
  • Next, enter the verification code  in the space provided on the next page.
  • Check the information you supplied and choose a username and password and click Next.
  • That’s it. your account with Spectrum is created, and you can use these credentials to access your Spectrum account.

Activate Spectrum TV on Roku

Here are the steps to follow in order to activate Spectrum TV on Roku:

  • Launch your Roku device and go to the home screen by pressing the ‘Home’ button on your Roku remote.
  • Next, on the home screen, choose Streaming Channels.
  • Choose the option to Search Channels and type ‘Spectrum TV’ in the search bar.
  • Then, select the Spectrum TV channel from the search result and choose Add Channel. The channel will now be added to your device.
  • Now, open the Spectrum TV channel and you will see an activation code.
  • Then, from any browser on a different device like computer or phone, visit
  • Next, enter the activation code in the space provided. Click the Submit button.
  • Finally, sign in using your Spectrum account using username and password to complete the activation process.

Activate Spectrum TV on Apple TV 

The fourth and fifth (4K) generation of Apple TVs are compatible with Spectrum TV. The app is not available for download on previous models of Apple TV. Here are the steps to activate Spectrum TV on your Apple TV:

  • Turn on your Apple TV and go to the App Store from the Home screen.
  • Now search for the Spectrum TV app in the app store and select it.
  • Then click the Get button to install the app on your device.
  • Now, go back to the home screen and open the app.
  • Next you will see an activation code on your screen. Remember the code or make a note of it.
  • On a different device like computer or phone, open any browser, and visit
  • Here enter the activation code in the provided space, and then click Submit.
  • To finish the activation process, sign in with your username and password on your Spectrum account.

Activate Spectrum TV on Android TV 

It’s simple to get Spectrum TV on any Android TV. The general procedures you need to adhere to are as follows:

  • Go to the Home Screen of your Smart TV and open the Google Play Store.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to type Spectrum TV app into the search bar to look for the app.
  • Next, select the app from the search result and click the Install button to download and install the app on your Android TV.
  • Now, open the app, and you will see an activation code on your screen.
  • On a different device like, open any browser and, then visit
  • Enter the activation code in the space provided and click Submit.
  • Finally, sign-in to your Spectrum account and complete the activation process.
  • You can now enjoy the Spectrum content on your Smart TV.

Activate Spectrum TV App on Xbox

Here’s how to use your Xbox to view the Spectrum TV App content:

  • First, turn on your Xbox streaming device.
  • Then download the Spectrum TV app from the app section on your Xbox.
  • Now open the Spectrum TV app and you will see the activation code on your screen. Remember the code or make a note of it.
  • Now, in order to register the unique activation code with Spectrum TV, visit from another device.
  • Next, enter the Activation code in the box provided and click Submit button.
  • Sign in using your Spectrum account using username and password to complete the activation process.

How To Add a Channel to Your Favorites List?

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Now, select the Settings option.
  • Choose Favorites from the left-hand menu.
  • Now, click the Heart icon next to the network you wish to add to your favorites list. The icon will become more prominent. That’s all.

How do I create a Startup channel?

  • Sign in to your spectrum TV account.
  • Choose the Settings tab.
  • Choose Startup Channel and then Manage Startup Channel. Make sure the Startup Channel is turned on.
  • Choose the startup channel from the drop-down menu. When you refresh the browser, the modification will take effect.

How to set Parental Controls on Spectrum TV?

  • Go to Spectrum TV’s official website at and sign in.
  • Select the Settings tab and then Parental Controls from the left-hand menu.
  • Turn the toggle switch on.
  • If this is your first time doing something, you will be prompted to generate a PIN.
  • Choose according to TV ratings, movie ratings, and channel blocks.
  • Blocked channels and ratings will be indicated with a Padlock icon.

Download and install the Spectrum TV app right now to start watching on-demand content with your friends and family. We hope you find the information to activate Spectrum TV on your devices useful.

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