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You are able to make purchases both online and at the Club shop with your Sam’s Club credit card? You can begin using your Clubcard points to make purchases at the Club shop and online by activating your card. Additionally, you can utilize your Clubcard points to get gift cards and cash from Sam’s Club. You must start the activation process at in order to use this card to make purchases. Activate your card right now to begin shopping at Sam’s Club for the items you need and desire!

Activate Sam’s Club Credit Card via

  • Go to, the Sam’s Club card activation page, using the web browser on your phone or computer.
  • Enter your card number, security code, and SSN (last four digits) in the designated fields on the activation page.
  • Click the Activate My Card button after that.
  • Once you have successfully completed the procedures, your Sam’s Club credit will be activated and available for use.
Activate Sam's Club Credit card

Register a Sam’s Club Credit Card for Online Access

With the Sam’s Club Credit Card, you may save even more cash. In addition to saving money online, you can receive rewarded for your purchases. Additionally, by subscribing to their email list, you can obtain coupons and savings from Sam’s Club. It’s a fantastic method to save costs and spend money more wisely. The following are the procedures to register your Sam’s Club credit card seamlessly:

  • To begin the registration, go to the following website to start the registration process:
  • You will now see the Sam’s Club credit card registration page on your screen.
  • Enter your account number and zip code, then click the CONTINUE button.
  • Keep following the on-screen prompt to complete the registration process.

How to sign in and out of your online account?

Sign in to your account using these simple steps:

  1. Visit and click Sign in, which is located to the right of the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. Next, enter your Email and Password associated with your account, and click Sign In.
  • If you are a member, but this is your first time shopping online; you must register your membership to create your online account.
  • If you are not not a Sam’s Club member, then click Join now.

To Sign out:

Highlight the Sign In / Account dropdown right of the Search bar and select Sign Out at the bottom of the account options.

How to Check Sam’s Club Credit Card Purchase History And Credit Card Balance?

If you’re a Sam’s Club member who’s started using your credit card, make sure to look at your purchases. Because this credit card is accepted at so many stores, keeping track of your purchases might be difficult. This allows you to see where your money went and if there are any discrepancies. Of course, if there is an error, you can have it corrected.

Your Sam’s Club Credit Card must be registered for online access in order to view your purchase history.

  • After registering, go to the official website,
  • Enter your login details correctly to access your credit card account.
  • Then navigate to the Easy Account Management area.
  • Your account history, as well as your current credit card balance, will now be displayed on your screen.

How to Cancel your Sam’s Club Credit Card?

To cancel your Sam’s Club Credit Card, simply dial the number shown on the back of your card and talk with a customer care representative. They will ask you a few questions and then cancel your card for you.

This service is free, and it normally takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to cancel your card. So, if you no longer require your Sam’s Club Credit Card, cancel it immediately to save money in the long run.

How to Recover Sam’s Club Account Username or Password?

You may easily retrieve your username and password from your Sam’s Club account by following the instructions below if you ever forget them.

  • Navigate to the Sam’s Club login screen at
  • Select I forgot my User ID or Password option found beneath the SECURE LOGIN button on the sign-in page.
  • If you chose the User ID option, on the next screen, enter your account number and zip code and click the CONTINUE button. Then, follow the on-screen steps to finish the username recovery process.
  • If you choose Password, enter your User ID and zip code on the next screen before clicking the CONTINUE button.
  • Next enter the Email associated with your account to receive a link to reset your password.
  • Then, follow the on-screen steps to finish the password recovery process for your account.

How to update Sam’s Club account information?

Update or add personal information to your account, such as your phone number, email address, and delivery address. Any saved payment information will be deleted if the email address linked with a membership is changed. If your account has been compromised, it is best to reset your password.

  • Sign in to your online account.
  • Highlight Your account and pick Account details from the selection to navigate to the My Account page.
  • Click Personal information on the left panel of account options under the Membership header.
  • Select the account information that needs to be changed and then click the Edit or Change links.
  • Once you’ve finished updating your information, click the Save button.
  • Once the modifications have been saved, your screen will return to the Summary page.
  • Go to Address book to add, update, or remove addresses.
  • If you are having problems upgrading your account, please visit any club’s Member Service Desk or contact .

NOTE: For security reasons, Sam’s Club does not allow name or DOB changes for primary members online, and altering any information without a DOB on file will fail. For these adjustments, please visit the Member Service Desk at your local club. A photo ID is necessary.

How to Add a Payment method?

  • First, Sign in to your SamsClub account.
  • Scroll down to the Checkout preferences heading on the left side of the Account information page.
  • After clicking the Payment methods link, click the + Add button.
  • Fill up the text areas with your information. For each new listing, you can use a nickname (up to 35 characters).
  • Make this your default payment method by checking the box on the form’s lower left-hand side.
  • To save your credit card details, click Save.

How to Remove a payment method?

  • Sign in to your SamsClub account.
  • From the Account information page and under the Checkout preferences heading at the left of the page, select the Payment methods page, and select the ‘Remove‘ link in line with the card that you wish to remove.
  • Click [Yes] to remove the card or [No] to return to the previous page.

If you have Auto Renew enabled, you will not be able to change your default payment method. On your annual renewal date, your default card will be automatically charged to renew your membership.

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activate sam's club credit card sam's club credit card

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