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Fetch TV is a subscription-based TV service provider that shows recent movies, TV shows, and live sports. Activate Fetch TV, an IPTV provider based in Australia that offers a subscription television service via a user’s existing internet connection. In addition to a digital TV tuner, Fetch TV offers a mobile app, web applications, video on demand, pay-per-view movies, and a personal video recorder with approximately 45 subscription channels.

One of the main features of the entertainment platform Fetch TV is its ability to combine different services into a single app, which may save the need for several devices. It offers a wide range of channels and apps. Furthermore, Fetch TV allows you to access all of your preferred streaming apps from a single device, including Netflix, WatchESPN, and Amazon Prime Video.

The Fetch TV Box

For those who would rather have the more feature-rich Fetch TV Mighty or the smaller Fetch TV Mini, Fetch TV offers a set-top box. Live shows can be stopped and resumed by the two. Both of them can watch free-to-air TV and use all of your streaming services, but only the Mighty has the ability to record everything—even remotely—with a capacity of roughly 585 hours of standard-definition recordings. The only platform that can stream the abundance of 4K material that is available these days is Fetch TV Mighty. To take advantage of all of the Fetch TV’s features, make sure you get the appropriate Fetch TV box.

How to Set Up your Fetch TV Box

Before you activate Fetch Tv you need to set up Fetch TV Box properly.

Step 1 – Connect the TV antenna

You must unplug the TV antenna cable that is currently behind your TV because it is required. Use your standard TV antenna to access your free-to-air digital TV channels. Broadband Internet access is not used to deliver them. Proceed as directed below:

  • Insert one end of the existing antenna cable into the antenna wall socket, or continue with the next step if it’s already connected to the wall.
  • Insert the antenna cable’s opposite end into the Antenna socket located behind your Fetch TV Box.

Step 2 – Connect the box to the internet

Next you use the ethernet cable provided to connect your Fetch box to your modem. If they are not in the same room you can connect using Wi-Fi.

For Ethernet Connection

  • Insert the Ethernet cable’s one end into a free LAN port located behind your modem.
  • Insert the other end into the INTERNET port located behind your Fetch TV Box.
  • Connect the second PLA unit to a nearby power source. For the PLA units to connect with one another, both electrical outlets need to be on the same electrical grid.
  • Navigate to the source channel on your TV that matches the HDMI port (usually either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2) that you used to connect your set-top box, and follow the wizard’s instructions to set it up.

For Wi-Fi Connection

  • Navigate to the Wi-Fi connection using the Fetch remote, select Network settings, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • From the list of accessible Wi-Fi connections, select the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Using the on-screen keyboard, enter your Wi-Fi password (your Fetch box will remember your Wi-Fi password for future connections).
  • To connect, tap Next once your WiFi password has been supplied.
  • Once your set-top box has established a successful WiFi connection, press the Menu key on your remote and proceed with the set-top box setup wizard’s instructions.

Step 3 – Connect your box to your TV

Your TV and Fetch TV Box are connected via HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). To connect your Fetch TV box to your TV, take the following actions:

  • In the HDMI port located behind your Fetch TV, insert the HDMI cable.
  • On your TV, insert the other end into a free HDMI port.

Step 4 – Good to go

After completing all the steps listed above and your remote control is set, then it’s time to turn on everything.

You can now proceed! When your Fetch TV Box is turned on, you’ll see that the light is blue. If the light is red, the box is in standby mode and needs to be turned on by pressing the power button on the remote control. Also, note that the internet light on your Fetch TV box is blue when you have a wide-band connection. If it is red, it means there is no live connection. During the first stage of start-up, it will change from red to blue.

Start up your Fetch TV

  • Enter the activation code you received on the sign-up process. To enter the code—which is case sensitive—use the remote control.
  • Next, your code will be verified and examined.
  • If your sound system supports this Audio Setting, you can select 5.1 Surround Sound for Fetch TV on the following screen.
  • You can then configure your Parental PIN. You can do this right now by following the directions on the screen, or you can do it later by navigating to your Fetch TV Box’s Main Menu > Manage > Settings > User > PIN Change. 0000 is the PIN by default.
  • Next, the device will perform a Channel Scan, which could take up to five minutes. All available free-to-air channels will be picked up by this. Once finished, proceed by following the on-screen directions.
  • After checking Diagnostics, the box will restart and display the Fetch TV menu.

Activate Fetch TV on your device 

  • After you’ve set up your Fetch box, go to Menu > Manage > Settings > User Preferences > Activation Code or Settings > Device Info > Options to get the Activation Code. 
  • To access your Activation code, you’ll need to enter your PIN.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • If you are New to Fetch then choose “Get Started” from the page.
  • Next, create your account by entering email and password along with other “customer details” and then click Continue.
  • After creating your account, choose your Package.
  • Next, fill your Payment Information.
  • Confirm your details.
  • Finally, enter the Fetch ID/ Activation code.

How to Add & Remove Fetch Box

  • It’s possible to add up to 3 different Fetch boxes on one account.
  • Go to to add the additional boxes to your account and get your activation code for your second or third box.
  • Next, log in with the Activation Code /Fetch ID
  • Then, in Account Settings, select Add & Remove Fetch Box.
  • The Activation Code will show up on your screen and be emailed or delivered to you via SMS.

If you need to find your Activation code later, visit and log in using the email address and password you generated during the registration process. The activation code for each box on your account may then be seen by selecting “Add & Remove Fetch Box” from the “Account Settings” section.

How to Activate Fetch TV on Amazon Fire TV

  • Go to the home screen and select the Search icon.
  • In the search box, type Fetch TV.
  • Choose the Fetch TV app.
  • Next, click on the Download icon.
  • Now, open the Fetch TV app and go to Manage.
  • Click the Settings option and choose Mobile & Tablet.
  • If you are a Mobile Only customer, you can find the activation code on the confirmation email or text.
  • Next, navigate to to access the Fetch TV activation page.
  • Click the Log In option.
  • Next, type in the activation code for Fetch TV.
  • Now, you can watch all the IPTV content from Fetch TV.

How to Activate Fetch TV on Android TV

  • Navigate to the TV’s home screen.
  • Open the Play Store, then type in Fetch TV App.
  • Next, select the Fetch TV app and click on the Install button.
  • To generate the activation code, launch the Fetch TV app after downloading it.
  • Now, open the Fetch TV app and go to Manage.
  • Click the Settings option and choose Mobile & Tablet.
  • If you are a Mobile Only customer, you can find the activation code on the confirmation email or text.
  • Next, navigate to to access the Fetch TV activation page.
  • Click the Log In option.
  • Next, type in the activation code for Fetch TV.
  • Now, you can watch all the IPTV content from Fetch TV.

Activate Fetch TV on my Optus App

  • Go to the My Optus app and sign in.
  • In the top left corner, tap the icon
  • Then, Select a Fetch service.
  • Tap the Fetch activity card after selecting it.
  • Please choose the set-top details you wish to view from the dropdown menu if you have multiple Fetch set-top boxes.
  • It will display your Fetch serial number, activation code, and channel packs items.

Australian users have an easy way to activate Fetch TV service: Customers can access a variety of streaming services, on-demand video, and more with its user-friendly interface. Fetch TV is a terrific alternative for people who want to watch their favorite movies and TV episodes whenever and wherever they want, thanks to its great features and reasonable costs.

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