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Bravo TV is the home of the Real Housewives franchise, Below Deck Sailing, Southern Charm, and Married to Medicine and lot other shows. It is well-known for providing the best entertainment doses needed to unwind after a long day at work. If you have a Bravo TV subscription and a participating TV provider, go to to activate the channel on your favorite streaming device.
When you install and use the Bravo TV app, you will be prompted to enter an activation code. You will need the code to enable Bravo on your streaming devices.

Activate Bravo TV on Roku

To activate Bravo on Roku, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your Roku TV and on your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • Select Streaming Channels by scrolling down.
  • Then, open the Channel Store and type in Bravo in the search bar.
  • Select the Channel from the search result and press OK.
  • Now click Add Channel to install the app on your Roku device.
  • After the installation, open the app.
  • You will see an activation code displayed on the screen. Kindly remember the code of make a note of it.
  • Now, using your mobile or computer browser, navigate to
  • In the field provided, enter the Bravo activation code, and then click Continue.
  • To complete the activation, simply follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Bravo TV will soon be activated, and you will be able to enjoy watching the Bravo channel.

Activate Bravo TV App on Apple TV

To activate Bravo on Apple TV, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • After turning your Apple TV on, open the App Store app.
  • Search Bravo in the search field using on-screen keyboard.
  • Then, select the app from the search result.
  • Now, click the Get button to install the Bravo app your Apple TV.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID to download if you have not logged in.
  • After installing, open the app, and you will see an activation code right on your screen. Keep the code handy, as you need it in the following step.
  • Now, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device, and go to the activation URL –
  • Input the activation code, that appears on your Apple TV screen, in the box given.
  • Finally, click Continue button to activate your Bravo channel on Apple TV.

Activate Bravo TV App on Amazon Fire TV?

  • After turning on your Fire TV, press the Home button to go to the Home Screen.
  • Then, navigate to Amazon App store.
  • Next, select the Search bar or magnifying glass icon, and type Bravo in the search bar using on-screen keyboard.
  • Now, select the app from the search result, and then download and install the app on your Fire TV.
  • After installing, open the app, and you will see an activation code on your device. Remember the code or make a note of it.
  • On your mobile or computer open any browser, and navigate to
  • Then, enter the activation code from the screen in the provided box.
  • Finally, click Continue button, and simply follow the on-screen prompts to activate Bravo app on your Fire TV.
  • Following the entry of the activation code, you may select your participating TV provider and login in to your account.

Activate Bravo TV App on Android TV

  • Turn on your Android TV and navigate to the home screen.
  • After that, go to the Google Play Store.
  • Now, using the on-screen keypad, look for the Bravo app.
  • Then, choose the app and press the Install button to download and install Bravo app on your Android TV.
  • After that, open the app to receive a one-time activation code. Keep this activation code somewhere safe, or keep your screen visible for the same reason.
  • Now, on a separate device (mobile or laptop), go to and input the given activation code in the designated field.
  • Then, press the Continue button.
  • After entering the activation code, you can choose your participating TV provider and log in to your account.
  • Your favorite Bravo shows are available to stream on your Android TV.

Activate Bravo TV on Xbox One

  • Turn on your Xbox console, and then sign in to your Xbox One account (if not already logged in).
  • Next, navigate to the Microsoft Store tab, and choose the Apps section.
  • Now, select Search apps and type Bravo in the search field using on-screen keyboard.
  • Then, select the app from the app list, and click Get button to install the Bravo on your console.
  • Now, launch the app, and you will see an activation code appear on the screen. Remember the code or leave the screen as it is.
  • Using a web browser on your PC or smartphone, navigate to the Bravo Activation website at
  • In the box provided, enter the activation code that displays on your Xbox One screen.
  • Finally, press the Continue button to enable your Bravo channel on Xbox console.

Activate Bravo on Android & iPhone

Bravo TV can be activated on both iPhone and Android smartphones. The procedure is simple and does not necessitate any difficult processes. Here are the easy steps to activate Bravo on Android & iPhone:

  • To begin, download the Bravo Now app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  • Launch the app after it has been successfully downloaded.
  • After installing the app, click the Get Started option.
  • To access the content, sign in with your account and password.
  • The content is now available on Android and iPhone smartphones.

If the Bravo TV activation code does not work, it is possible that you are doing something incorrectly or that your device is not having the latest version of operating system. You can take these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Re-generate Your Activation Code: If the code is incorrect, this activation code will not work. So, if your previous activation code is no longer valid, generate a new one and you’re ready to go.
  • Update the device: Check to see whether your device is updated. If not, update and install the most recent version.
  • Install the Most Up-To-Date Version of Bravo TV: Check the compatibility by downloading the most recent Bravo TV app.

That’s how you install and activate the Bravo TV app on your smart device.

Download and install the Bravo app right now to start watching best entertainment shows, and quality dramas with your friends and family. We hope you find the information to activate Bravo app on your devices useful.

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