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Install – HP Printer Drivers

HP printer drivers are well-known for their superior performance and HD printing. HP all-in one printer can scan, copy, print, and even do both.

123.hp.com/setup and Quick Installation Methods

You will need the correct driver to set up your HP Printer on any device (computers, phones, etc.). You can do this by choosing the right printer model and downloading the drivers (Supporting software).

Before you start your 123 HP printer setup, you should be aware of the following points.

Below are all models of HP printers. To download the drivers, select the model you are interested in.

At setup, ensure that the HP printer has been turned on and connected to the same Wi Fi network as the system. To make the printer discoverable on the network, enable the Wi-Fi button.

Before you start the setup, make sure to check your firewall settings.

HP Printer Official Link :- https://123.hp.com/us/en/

HP Printer Drivers: All You Need to Know

  • A printer driver is software that converts your computer data to a format that your printer can understand. Every printer has its own hardware and software. Your computer must learn how to send instructions to each machine. This is what a printer drivers does.
  • A driver is a program that allows your computer to understand technical details of the printer and to transfer data to it.
  • Drivers transfer print data to the printer using a language that it understands
  • Imagine that you were trying to communicate instructions with someone who speaks a different tongue than you. Imagine a printer driver as your personal translator, able to relay your instructions in the correct language.
  • Your computer will not be able to recognize the printer’s driver or perform simple printing tasks if it isn’t installed. You will need to install the Hp printer drivers every time you purchase a new printer.

HP Printer Wireless Protected Setting

US Driver setup provides the latest version of printer drivers, software and hardware in one click. The latest versions of software, firmware, and printer drivers are available for Windows and MAC. We also provide instructions on how to install the downloaded drivers onto your Windows or MAC computer.

HP Printer Wireless Protected Settingup in Windows

  • Turn on the printer
  • Click on the wireless icon and open the printer control.
  • The wizard displays a list with available networks and searches them.
  • To complete the connection, select the name of the network. Download the HP wireless software if you need it.
  • Enter the password and SSID for your home network to connect your printer to the wireless network at .
  • You can also connect the printer directly to your router by pressing the WPS button on your Router and printer. To connect your HP printer to your router, press the WPS button.

HP Printer Official Link :- https://123.hp.com/us/en/

Installation of Windows Printer Driver

  • The printer can be installed without software
  • Use the driver built into Windows operating system
  • Windows Print Driver provides basic functionality for printers
  • Connect any USB cables to your printer
  • Click on “Change Device Installation Settings” and click on “Yes”. Save your changes
  • Use a USB cable to connect your printer to the network or install the printer driver at 123.hp.com/setup Printer Driver with the help the Wizard.

Installation of Printer Driver for Mac OS

  • Use the Apple Software Update to install the driver on the Mac OS X
  • Select ‘Printers & scanners’ under ‘System Preferences.
  • Click on the “minus” sign in the printer list to delete the printer and then click the “plus” sign to add it again
  • To complete the addition of the printer, click ‘Add’
  • After being prompted to install the program, click on “Download and Install”.
Installation of Printer Driver on Smartphone
  • First, identify the network name on which your printer is installed to your smartphone in order to install it.
  • You can connect your mobile device to the same network by going to your Wi-Fi settings on your device and finding the network.
  • Once you have done that, you can print.
Setup your HP Printer using 123.hp.com/setup
  • 1. Verify that the Wi-Fi key is correct and all details are entered correctly. Make sure your internet works and that you have enough power. Also, ensure that the USB is working.
  • 2. Make sure that firmware, etc. are installed. Make sure that the firmware and other software are installed on your printer. Do not give the printer too many jobs at once.
  • 3. Check that the printer is clean.
  • It is also important to update the operating system.
Connecting HP Printer and Router

1. After you have switched on your printer, go to the network section.
2. The 123 setup will search for available routers to connect with.
3. Then you’ll only need to enter the network key and connect starts.

Use 123.hp.com to connect your HP printer to your mobile device

1. Turn on your HP printer, and then open the website from your phone.
2. Find the printer model and name you wish to connect.
3. Install the printer by connecting it to your mobile device

Use 123 hp setup to connect HP Printers to MACs

1. Install the printer driver first on your MAC
2. To reset your printer, go to the 123.hp.com/setup webpage.
3. Enter your Wi Fi details and choose system options from the menu. Finally, select your printer/fax option.
4. The plus sign is located in the lower left corner. Click on the plus sign to select the internet protocol option
5. After entering the IP address, the process of connecting HP printer to MAC computer via 123.hp/setup begins.

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